5 Mistakes Mamas make when consigning at Wee Exchange!

Have you heard a mama complain about consigning?  “I did all that work and barely sold anything!” or “It was too hard!”   Nine times out of ten, I can guarantee that mama made one of the following mistakes.

Mistake #1:  Prices Were TOO HIGH!

The price on that Target shirt may have been $8.99 originally.   But most of you mamas know how to get these things on sale. No mama’s gonna pay $4 for the same shirt at Wee Exchange. Try $2 max.

You can expect to sell at higher prices higher-end brands and smocked/appliqued items. A big mistake is pricing high thinking that it will sell on 1/2 day.   You’ll lose money with this strategy and get frustrated. Price it right the first time! And for Pete’s sake, let the items go 1/2 on Saturday.  Do you REALLY want that $2 shirt back?  AND if you’re going to donate the items, why in the world don’t you let it go 1/2 price first?!?

Mistake #2:  Thinking Everyone Wants Infant Clothes

Newborn and smaller sizes aren’t bestsellers at consignment sales.  Most new mamas have tubs full of adorable outfits that were only worn once.  Some are brand new with tags! New moms get LOTS of cute outfits as shower gifts and hand-me-downs.   Here’s your strategy:  Tag only your cutest, “like new” condition baby clothes and PRICE THEM RIGHT.  Take heart knowing that all the baby gear you’re selling–pack-and-plays, bouncers, swing, stroller, etc–will sell quickly and make you money!

Mistake #3:  Not Reading Instructions on

There is NOTHING worse than having to redo 50 items during drop-off because you hung them wrong.  It only takes a few minutes to read over our guidelines. Watch the short videos on to learn just how to do this Wee Exchange thing right!

Mistake #4:  Waiting Till the Last Minute

It’s late at night and you’re supposed to drop off your items at 8 am tomorrow.  You’re out of hangers.  The printer’s low on ink! Your tags are printing wrong! Where is your old inventory?!  You’re out of pins!  You’re TIRED! When you wait until the last minute, a small issue–like adjusting your printer setting–feels VERY stressful and puts you into “I’m never doing this again” mode.  AND it’s also almost impossible to get help from us this late because we are snowed under with set-up and a tad stressed ourselves!

Mistake #5 and Possibly the WORST:  Not Shopping Early

Who gets to shop that amazing, overflowing sales floor FIRST?  OUR WORKERS!  Next, our consignors and after that New Parents/GrandParents. Get involved, join the volunteer team or consign just 12 items and you will get to shop at our PRIVATE SALES on Tuesday). It’s TOTALLY worth it to get your hands on the best deals first!

So get with it mama!  You can do this.  And you won’t be sorry!

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