Getting ready for Wee Exchange

So, I’ve been at this consignment thing since my baby (Benjamin – now age 23 and a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force) was 3 months old.  How in the world has time gone by so quickly?  I now shop for grand babies instead of my own babies.

Our family has gone through campaigns.  Wins and losses.  With that being behind us, I’m excited about getting my mind back in the game here and serving our consignors and customers with more energy, more excitement and new ideas.  This grandma is looking forward to the August 20-25 sale.

We have new racks coming.  We are going to arrange things a little bit differently.  I’m trying to figure out new ways to advertise.  I’m certainly open to ideas if any of our contributors want to chime in!

8 thoughts on “Getting ready for Wee Exchange

  1. I know social media is big now, but there are lots of people who don’t use it. I myself missed getting my postcard advertisement in the mail this year. Would there be any way of advertisement by emails, a person’s email address could be submitted by another individual? I’ve told several people about it who aren’t even aware that junior sized clothing is included, so I would highly recommend that being on the advertising as well as all the other items available other than the items pertaining to children. As a shopper, I’d like to see a makeshift book shelf on the tables so the books would be much easier to go through. I’m a consignor along with my daughter and neither have been able to volunteer for the past two sales, but plan to do so for the March 2019 sale.


    1. Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking to improve. We do massive email advertising also so please send me your email. If you are a consignor, you should have received several emails. Make sure they weren’t going into your spam. This was our largest turnout in almost 5 years so we are really pleased with the event. The problem with the postcards is that the USPS doesn’t deliver almost 500 each sale, even when they are addressed correctly. We spend almost $2000 on what is becoming an ineffective way of reaching people. THANKS SO MUCH for your input!


    1. Thank you for you interest in consigning at Wee Exchange.

      Please go to and sign up.

      The videos on the below links might make the process even easier for you. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

      How to sign up:

      How to tag and print cards:

      I encourage consignors to pick your 12 most expensive items and put them in first. Once you see how easy it is, you will be motivated to do more. Be sure to prices HIGHEST PRICED items first.

      Your going to LOVE Wee Exchange. We have many consignors who take home over $500 each sale!

      Susan Hightower


  2. What is the percentage you/me get. What kind of clothes are you looking for. Do I price my own stuff. Do I have to provide hangers or get them from you. Or do you provide tables.


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