We will be having a Dollar-Dash charity sale on Saturday from 2-4 (March 18). This money will go to charity and help us avoid too many donated items. Charities have a hard time handling that much inventory. It will be valid for all items $10 & under.

Dollar Dash Info For Sellers

Q: Which of my items are eligible for Dollar Dash?

A: Items marked for Donate and which are $10 or less are eligible for Dollar Dash if they have not already sold by the last part of our Discount Day. No other items will be eligible for Dollar Dash.

Q: How does this benefit me as a consignor?

A: Dollar Dash is meant to implement excitement among the public, creating another burst of customers coming to shop for last minute deals. Since customers have the option to buy regular price and discounted items during this time, you have the potential to sell a lot more than just your items marked for donate!

Q: How do I know which of my items sell during Dollar Dash?

A: You will not know, but since you already had them listed to donate, the charity will receive money instead of the item.

August 27, 2022
All items without a LARGE R on the tag will be $1.
2:00 – 4:00 PM

ALL ITEMS $10 or less will be $1.00

We were so excited to donate $790 to our friends at Fostering Together from YOUR donations to the DOLLAR DASH at our August 2022 Wee Exchange. Go here to see how you can help this amazing organization and children in Mobile County.