INSTRUCTIONS FOR LABELING AND PRICING Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.24.04 AM

Make sure you are signed in at www.MyConsignmentSale.com/weeex

1. Use cardstock to print tags and medium size safety pins (no straight pins or small gold safety pins). Tagging guns also work well to attach tags. Use packing tape to secure tag.

2. Price only in fifty cent [i.e.; 2.00, 2.50, etc.] increments. No items for less than $1.00 will be accepted.

3. Label card as shown. Attach the card to the right shoulder of the garment (as you look at it) with the safety pin going through the card and garment twice. Hang clothes on hangers with the opening of the hanger facing the left (as you look at garment).

4. Place pajamas, “onesies,” blankets, towels, bibs, bottles, sleepers, t- shirts, etc. in zip lock bags with the 3×5 pinned to item. Please tape the bags shut with clear packing tape. It is best to price in sets of 3 or more pinned together.

5. Toys need to be labeled with the printed cards and the card secured to the toy with clear packing tape. No scotch tape! All toys that have small pieces need to have the pieces in zip lock bags and the zip lock bag taped securely to the large item. All toys should be in working condition. Please provide batteries.

6. Please only bring items you would buy for your child. Anything with stains, tears, missing buttons or that is out-dated will be refused.

7. Anything that you don’t want to sell at half price on Sat. needs to have a red dot above the price.

8. All shoes need to be secured together with tape or a safety pin and the card securely attached to the shoes.

9. Please sort the clothing by size and sex. You will have to put items you bring in their proper place at the sale.

10. There will be a $15.00 consignor fee per consignor taken from your check.  Prepay online before sale and save!  https://py.pl/8oFAR

11. Please hang shirts/skirts & pants on 1 hanger and price as one item whenever possible.

12. No sleepers or onsies on hangers. Limit of 9 each per person. Price in sets of 3.

13. Consignors who barcode get 70% of the selling price! Those who hand write their tags will get 50% of the selling price.

14.  Consignors must mark cards is an “R” (for return) if they wish to pick up items, rather than donate them to charity.

We are unable to Accept:

1. Any item recalled by the CPSC and not in compliance of the CPSIA. ANY RECALLED ITEMS WILL BE DISPOSED OF IMMEDIATELY. Click here to view recalls: http://www.cpsc.gov

2. Carseats that have been recalled or that are older than 4 years of age.

3. Battery operated toys without the batteries

4.Videos (VHS) without the original case

5. Stained, torn, extremely worn, faded or out of date items

6.  Items that are broken or have missing parts

7. Bumper Pads