Why Consign?

Want a simple way to clean out your closets and turn clutter into cash?

Make $200-$300 & sell it all in ONE WEEK!

Are you tired of meeting in hot store parking lots to buy/sell items you saw on Facebook?  Don’t worry about it – consigning with us means a BIGGER check and less frustration!


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Sell to thousands of buyers at  Wee Exchange

August 2021

Abba Shrine off Schillinger Rd in Mobile, Alabama!

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Is Consigning at Wee Exchange worth it?Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.36.21 AM

  • No more buy/sell/trade shenanigans.
  • Higher split and better sell through than consignment stores.
  • No haggling at a yard sale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will this take a lot of time?
  • What items do you accept?
  •  Will I make less than if I sell at a yard sale or on a buy/sell/trade group?
  •  What are the dates?